Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury (ARNI)


If you need help making the best recovery from your stroke then contact me, I am an ARNI Associate Instructor and can help you with many aspects of your brain injury:

improved upper limb function

better lower limb mobility

smoother walking gait and

work with you to achieve your goals.

I can work with you at any stage of your stroke recovery either continuing on from NHS Early Supported Discharge or picking up your recovery if you had your stroke some time ago; there’s always room for improvement. I work in East and Mid Devon, Exmouth, Exeter area and will come to your home.

The recommended ‘dose’ of training is 6 sessions over about 6 weeks. The aim is to assess your weaknesses and then find ways to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals through:

functional task training

coping strategies and

strength training

I will motivate, encourage and show you how to self manage your continued training so that you keep on progressing in the long term without me. However, I am always here to help keep you going if needed.

Contact me for a chat or go straight to who manage my work. I have a DBS certificate, appropriate NRPT insurance and Continuous Professional Development